I'm An Athlete seeks to raise and distribute funds to motivated and passionate individuals who wish to conduct research on sport and physical activity outcomes in persons with disabilities.


"I'm An Athlete" are the words that inspired this foundation. When speaking with a woman who had started an adaptive rowing program as part of her rehabilitation for a stroke, I was struck when she said how important it was to be called an athlete. Her sport connected her to others, returned her confidence, and gave her ownership over her life. As I heard her story, I realized that a funding mechanism was needed so that others could understand how sport made these important contributions and how the benefits could be spread to others. 

Our organization's process is simple: we raise money to support annual research projects on the benefits of adaptive sport. We believe more research will enable more persons with disabilities to benefit from sport. It is our hope that we can help more persons with physical, intellectual, and sensory impairments to find their inner athlete